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Opening of Alcohol…A curse?

Staff Reporter


The question is lurking in many people’s minds if really the opening of alcohol was a good thing when the cases of Covid-19 have not stopped increasing, but only slowed down. This due to how the first weekend of alert level 2 has proved that people were not only happy about it but showed it in many irresponsible ways.

The amount of accidents that were reported in the whole of South Africa only a week in the alert level has proven that people believe that the pandemic has ended not that the opening of alcohol is to improve the economy of South Africa.

While in towns the shops might have adhered to the times stipulated by the government for the opening and closure of outlets selling alcohol and those serving alcoholic beverages, in the rural or townships this has not been the case. In various taverns and places where people buy, the 17H00 closing time is not maintained and the amount of people at those places are more than 10 at a time.

It has been observed on social media platforms how people are excited when at these places and how the regulations to be followed are not adhered to. There is no social distancing amongst patrons, masks are not worn at all times and no sanitizing facilities are made available for them.

On Tuesday, the 25th of August 2020, fake news erupted which said that the ban of alcohol might be coming back as people are failing to adhere to the regulations. Government however quickly responded by saying that it is not true and that the president would not make any address urgently concerning that. That didn’t stop people from panic buying alcohol. Many rushed to outlets even though they were informed that the rumours were untrue.

Indeed, when the president said that it is now in the people’s hands, he meant it. If things continue to be done in this manner, not only will lives be lost due to the virus but also due to people’s negligence and irresponsible behaviour.